Tryout Procedure



Pinecrest Premier SC is pleased to announce tryout dates for the upcoming 2019-2020 season.

Current and new players MUST register and tryout.

No one is guaranteed a place in the club until an offer of a spot has been made. This could occur after tryout 1, 2, 3 or 4 in some cases won’t occur at all.

All new players are encouraged to attend all sessions but attending all sessions will not guarantee the player a spot.

Current players are required to attend all sessions as part of their weekly training sessions.  If current players are not able to attend a session they must notify their current coach.

Tryout Registration and Procedures

There are four steps in the process from tryout registration to team selection:

  1. Register for tryouts online
  2. Check in on the day
  3. Attendance at Tryouts for evaluation and Team Placement
  4. Team Placement & Post Tryout Procedures

On the Day Check in Procedure

Each participant is assigned an identification number for the duration of the tryout. This is similar to a race bib and is pinned to the short the participant wears.

To expedite check in, and avoid lines, we strongly encourage all tryout registrants to arrive early to collect registration number and submit all the necessary paperwork.

Make sure to bring the following documents:

  1. 2 printed copies of the registration form
  2. 2 passport photos, one stapled to each registration form
  3. Medical Release (found on club website under Forms and Documents)

Tryout Attendance

  1. Participants must have completed the check in process and received an identification number.
  2. Wear apparel that DOES NOT identify with Pinecrest Premier S.C.
  3. Bring ball, water, and shin guards.

Team Placement & Post Tryout Instructions

If the player is selected, he or she will be contacted by the coach. The player will then be given a verbal commitment of a spot by the club.

Once the FYSA window opens for registration, the committed player will have 24 hours to register and submit a financial deposit with the club. All deposits are not refundable.

No parents are allowed on the field during tryouts and parents will not be permitted to engage in conversation with any coaches during the tryout period

**If the player decides to play for another club the deposit will not be refunded.**

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