About Pinecrest’s Recreation Program

Our recreation program is the developmental arm of Pinecrest Premier Soccer Club for children ages four through nine. Our primary objective in the recreation program is for players to have fun with an emphasis on teaching good sportsmanship and improving skills and a knowledge of the game.



We will introduce and improve age-appropriate technical and tactical abilities of the participants in an environment that will foster an appreciation and enjoyment of the game. We offer two Recreation sessions each year; one in the Spring and one in the Fall.

Pinecrest Premier Soccer Recreation Program

SEASON The season runs for nine weeks. There is an eight-game minimum. The anticipated timeline for the 2018/2019 season is as follows:

Fall 2019 Season Spring 2019 Season
Registration Open NOW! Dec 1st
Notification by Coach Sep. 11-14th Feb. 4th –Feb. 8th
Practice Begins Week of Sep 18th Begins Week of Feb. 11th
Games Begin September 27th – 28th Begin February 23rd
Games End November 30th End May 4th
No games Nov. 8th, 9th, 22nd, & 23rd.


After registering, parents will be notified by their coaches as to practice days and times. The game schedules will be posted during the first week of practices.

The registration link can be accessed through our website at under the “Recreation” tab.

AGE GROUPS Our program consists of four age groups; U5, U6, U7, & U8. Placement within age groups is based on class grades. The age range for each group is below:

U5 Pre K Max 8 players (4v.4 no goalkeeper)

U6 Kindergarten Max 8 players (4v.4 no goalkeeper)

U7 1st Grade Max 8 players (4v.4 no goalkeeper)

U8 2nd Grade Max 8 players (4v.4 no goalkeeper) 

PRACTICES Practices are held once a week (second practice optional) at Palmetto Middle School, Pinecrest Gardens or Southwood Middle School. Coaches generally determine practice schedules including days, times, and locations, based on the availability schedule given to us by the Village and school board. Practice schedules may be assigned to alleviate overcrowding of fields if necessary.

GAMES Games for the U6 and U8 age groups are held either Friday evening (Fall only) between 5:00 and 8:00 or on Saturdays between 9:00 and 3:00. The location of games is Evelyn Greer Park in the Fall and Palmetto Senior High School for the Spring. Games for the U9 age group take place on Saturdays at Southwood Middle School between 9:00 and 2:00. FEES The registration fee for each nine week seasion includes a participation medal, uniform, practice shirt and registration fees to the state. Coaches’ children do not pay a fee if coached by their parent (one child per team).

ACCOMODATIONS We will do our best to accommodate special requests. However, there are no guarantees. With over 600 children in our program, we cannot guarantee all accommodations.

REFUNDS A request for a refund after registration closes, but before the first game will be subject to a $40 uniform and state association fee. No refunds will be granted after the first game, only a credit for future seasons. Players on a team in which three or more players withdraw are subject to a $50 fee per player.

PPSC’s recreation program is a volunteer-coach program. We are always looking for volunteer coaches. If you would like to coach, please click the Coach Registration link below to register as a coach. If you coach your child, their fee will be waived.

All new volunteer coaches must register by clicking the link below BEFORE registering your child. Once you are registered as a coach, we will issue you a registration voucher to waive the registration fee and you may then register your child by clicking on the player link.

Click below for Coach Registration 

Click below for our 2019 FALL Program Player Registration

The regular registration period for the FALL session is open NOW and will close on Friday, August 16th at 4PM. Please note that the FALL session begins in Septemeber this season. 


  1. Official Modified Under 6 Playing Rules Read More
  2. Official Modified Under 8 Playing Rules Read More
  3. Official Modified Under 10 Playing Rules Read More

 Coach Resources

Pinecrest Premier’s Recreation Program features small-sided games in each of the age groups. These are soccer games with fewer players competing on a smaller sized field. These are fun games that involve the players more because fewer players are sharing one ball.

All ages can play “Small Sided Games”, but it has a definite developmental impact on our younger soccer players. US Youth Soccer recommendations for “number of players” at the various age groups are as follows:

U5 through U8 | 4 against 4 no goalkeepers

Why Small-Sided Games?

  1. Because we want our young soccer players to touch the soccer ball more often and become more skillful with it! (Individual technical development)
  2. Because we want our young soccer players to make more, less-complicated decisions during the game! (Tactical development)
  3. Because we want our young soccer players to be more physically efficient in the field space they are playing in! (Reduced field size)
  4. Because we want our young soccer players to have more individual teaching time with the coach! Less players on the field and less players on the team will guarantee this! (Need to feel worthy and need to feel important)
  5. Because we want our young soccer players to have more, involved playing time in the game! (More opportunity to solve problems that only the game presents)
  6. Because we want our young soccer players to have more opportunity to play on both sides of the ball! (More exposure to attacking and defending situations)
  7. Because we want our young soccer players to have more opportunities to score goals! (Pure excitement)

These are the reasons why we adults must foster “Small-Sided Games” in our youth soccer programs. The “Small-Sided” environment is a developmentally appropriate environment for our young soccer players. It’s a FUN environment that focuses on the young soccer player.

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