About Pinecrest’s Competitive Program

Pinecrest Premier Soccer Club believes that the pursuit of excellence in any area helps develop maturity and self confidence. We believe that the experiences a player has with PPSC will be beneficial throughout his/her lifetime. Our goal of the competitive program is to help develop each player to his/her fullest potential; as a person and as a soccer player, to provide positive role models for younger players to emulate, to develop national caliber teams, and to expose Pinecrest players to collegiate and professional opportunities.



Pinecrest Premier Soccer Club’s Competitive program provides an environment for elite soccer players to train together under a qualified coaching staff to elevate their play and showcase their talent in competition against top youth soccer teams across Florida and the nation.


The club’s primary goal is to offer the best possible soccer, and personal development, and to provide growth opportunities to those individuals who have the talent to potentially compete at the collegiate level. Our program also places significant emphasis on preparing players for the transition to the next level of play at the same time that we assist in facilitating their access to a more affordable post-secondary education and a more prosperous future as active members of the South Florida community.


1. Team Selections


Each June PPSC holds tryouts to select players for our competitive U9-U18 teams. The final number of teams that will be fielded will be determined by the number of players who attend the tryouts and are selected.


For U9 travel teams and older, the competitive soccer program represents a one-year commitment that runs concurrent with the academic calendar. Players are placed on a team through a process that includes independently evaluated tryouts, an evaluation of skills and abilities AND assessment of the child/family’s previous commitment to our program. The top level team is given the designation of “Blue” team. The next level team is given the designation of “White” team. Depending on the amount of players and the level, there is always the possibility of multiple teams in the same age group, such as “Blue”, “White”, “Grey”, or “Black” teams.


2. Time Commitment


A player commits to a team from August 1st through May 31st. The team and the club also commit to the player for that same time period. Your child will not be cut from his/her team for the full year if the child maintains the level of commitment, and if the age group continues to field sufficient players (if players from the age group drop out, it might cause a team to have too few players to continue).


Every family that is interested in participating on a PPSC competitive travel team must have a basic understanding of the commitment involved before having your child tryout for a team.


Typical game expectations are as follows:


  • The early season (August-October) has 13 or 14 games plus the likelihood of a Labor Day tournament, a Columbus Day tournament and/or Thanksgiving Day tournament. The older blue teams will likely have showcase tournaments over the Christmas break. This is followed by …
  • A winter, regular season (November – January) of practices, scrimmages, leagues and/or tournaments, depending upon the team as well as a President’s Day tournament, and then …
  • A spring season (February -May) of League playoffs and Region or State Cup tournaments, 9 or 10 Spring league games plus a Spring and/or Memorial Day tournament.


All players are expected to participate in all games and tournaments. Region and State Cup competition will likely fall on one of the Spring Break weekends. Region Championships (Blue Teams U13 and older)take place in June. All players are expected to attend their team’s games. “Blue” teams typically participate in anywhere from 5-9 tournaments because tournaments present an excellent opportunity for the players to get additional playing time competing against the top teams. Other teams will likely participate in 3-6 tournaments throughout the year. Participation in tournaments requires time and planning on the part of the coaches, team managers AND the families of the players.


During the fall and spring seasons, your child is expected to participate in all league games on Saturdays and/or Sundays. Blue level teams, depending on the age level, may participate in the R3PL league, FSL, FLUGSA, or SFUYSA. R3PL and FSL may require travel outside the state or travel throughout the state. FLUGSA and SFUYSA require travel outside of Miami-Dade County, in towns such as Weston, Boca Raton, and as far as Wellington. White level teams may also participate in FLUGSA and SFUYSA. White, Grey, and black level teams participate in the “The Dade League” and all their games are held within Dade County. However, the expectations for the commitment level of all players and families is the same as blue level teams. Regardless of the level of the player, this is competitive soccer, not recreation, and players are expected to be present for all practices, games, and tournaments.


All teams will practice from three to four times (blue level and/or older age groups) per week. Practices are conducted either by your age group coach or by a skills coach provided by our professional training staff. These practices are located at the various fields assigned to the club.


Please think carefully about these time commitments before you have your child try out for a team. Anything less than an attitude of full commitment is not fair to the rest of your team.


If competitive travel soccer is not for you, PPSC also has an in-house Recreation program for Boys and Girls. Our Recreation program allows for your children to learn the basic skills of soccer and have fun playing with their neighborhood friends without the time commitments required by the select travel soccer program.


Your child’s prior demonstrated commitment to our program will be taken into account during team selection. Because soccer is a team sport, it is not enough to be a good player; your child must be a good teammate.


3. Playing Time and Player Movement Considerations


At the competitive level every effort will be made to play your child, however it is up to the coach to decide if a child plays or does not. There are no guarantees of playing time. There will be player movement within the club between teams. The club will determine when and why players will be asked to move from team to team within the organization. The club may also move players to better support development and performance.


4. Financial Commitment


Each child that wishes to play soccer on our teams must register shortly after selection to a team. When your child is selected, the club will provide information on payment for yearlong registration.

Once your child has been placed on a team and you have paid the registration fee, the fee is not refundable. Failure to pay fees will put you in “Not in Good Standing” which result in player’s playing privileges being suspended until such obligation is fulfilled.

Fees included in the registration fee include:

  • FYSA Player Registration Fee
  • League Registration Fee (One League)
  • Monthly Coaching Fees (10 months)
  • Field Rental and Maintenance Costs
  • Player Supplemental Insurance


The Fee does NOT Include your uniform package. Uniforms will be purchased directly through Soccer Locker online via the link on the Pinecrest Website.


Payment Options:

Option 1:  Single payment at time of registration

Option 2:  Nine (9) installment payments, including a $30 administrative fee (nine installments assuming a June registration)


Any family with a financial hardship should write to our administration at INFO@PINECRESTPREMIER.US. The scholarship application can be found on our website under “Forms & Documents”. All such communication is confidential. No child is denied the opportunity to play due to financial constraints.  Additional fees include referee fees for playoffs, early season & late season leagues if applicable, and tournament fees ($200-$800 per year). Each team pays the travel expenses for out of town tournaments for their coach as well. Individual, personal travel fees, such as hotels, food, airfare, etc. are additional.


5. Additional Information On Our Competitive Program


Practices: 3-4 times per week. Players should try to be at practices at least 15 minutes before. Practices field times will be assigned by the coaching director. Fields include Evelyn Greer Park, Flagler Grove, Pinecrest Community Center, Palmetto Middle School, Deerwood Bonita Lakes Park, Kendall Soccer Park, and Southwood Middle School.


Practice attire: Club practice shirts, shorts, and socks must be worn to all practices and shin guards are mandatory!!! Any player not in proper attire and/or not wearing his or her shirt or shin guards will not be able to practice.


Practice Drop Off and Pick Up: We do not advise parents to drop off their children at practice. If for any reason practice gets canceled, we cannot be responsible for your unattended child.


Tournaments: It is the club’s recommendation that each team plays in approximately 4-6 local tournaments, depending on the team level:


Miami Cup & Showcase, West Pines Kickoff Classic, Weston and Miami Lakes, 1-2 in State (Wellington Shoot Out, Naples Kelme Cup, Adidas Columbus Day Classic, Disney,) and 1 out of State for teams U-11 and up. The out of State is not mandatory, only recommended.


All players on a team are responsible for the cost of all tournament registration fees, regardless of whether an individual player attends or not. The registration fees are a team fee to be born by all members of the team. Any player who cannot attend a specific tournament must give advance notice to the coach so that they will not be charged their pro rata share of the other tournament expenses.


Coach’s Tournament Travel Expenses: will apply for any tournaments North of the Broward County Line and is shared by the team. Hotel cost (not to exceed $130 per day on average), daily $50 meal allowance and car expense. The coach may charge $.50 per mile for mileage and maintenance (This includes gas) if using their own car OR may instead rent a car and charge the cost of the rental car (Average $50 per day or less) and gas. The cost of any supplemental insurance or other car rental add-ons is to be paid by the coach. Tolls and parking fees are also paid by the team. In the event of an out of state tournament that requires air fare, it is the team’s responsibility to provide an airline ticket for the coach.  All players are entitled to view the receipts/billings for which they are charged.


Uniforms: The club will provide two sets of uniforms per player. Lost uniforms and or practice gear need to be ordered at the player’s expense. Club accessories can also be purchased through the club at discounted prices.


Games: Expect to play 1-2 games per week.


Game Day: Player should be at their game at least 60 minutes before game time unless instructed otherwise by their coach. Players are required to bring both sets of uniforms to each game.


Hydration: It is the responsibility of each player to hydrate before, during and after games and practices. Player should bring their own water or sports drinks during both games and practice even if water is also provided at the field.


Transportation: Parents are responsible for providing transportation to and from games and practices for their child. Coaches are prohibited by club policy to provide transportation to any player.


Player Movement: There will be player movement within the club. The club will determine when and why players will be asked to move from team to team within the organization. The club may also move players based on their performance and development.


Regardless of team color, you must have the commitment level to participate in all practices and game, for the duration of the season. Anything less than an attitude of full commitment is not fair to the rest of the team.



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