With the new US Soccer rules, at the start of the 2016-17 season, the Pinecrest Premier Soccer Club’s U13 Boys Team had to quickly adapt. The 2004 boys was assembled from 7 different coaches in the prior season. In addition 9 of the 16 players came from lower level teams.

At Pinecrest Premier we believe in developing youth and to create well rounded players with exposure to multiple coaches. This team is a great example of how kids develop through different avenues.

This new team began training with Coach Dennis Llama in August 2016 and after playing a few games came to trust each other. Coach Dennis believed that the team was ready for a challenge.

In November, the boys traveled to Lakewood Ranches for the European ShowCase by FIGO7. After three shut outs in two days, they faced a tough opponent in the finals – Weston FC – and WON!

As U13 Champions, Pinecrest Premier SC won a FREE trip to Portugal to participate in the IVP World Cup / IVP Castelo de Vide Cup. Luis Figo presented the boys with the Winners Ticket.

Ending their first season together with semi-finals games in both the Florida State Cup and the Disney Memorial Day Shootout, the boys have continued training with Coach Dennis three times a week.

This July, the 2004 boys and coaches will travel to Castel de Vide, Portugal to play against some of the best U13 European Clubs, including CF Andorinha, Maia Lidador, and Alcoitao.

The Pinecrest Premier Soccer Club U13 boys will be well prepared to represent the U.S. with generous support from Williamson Automotive Group, Chipotle, the Village of Pinecrest and Soccer Locker.

This amazing opportunity granted by FIGO7 will be much more than playing soccer at the highest level. According to Coach Dennis, “it will be a great life and cultural experience for the boys. The life lessons learned through soccer will never be forgotten.”

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