As the club continues to turn new pages and blaze a new path into the future with the goal of being the premier destination for competitive and recreational soccer for youths in South Florida, today we announce the launch of our new website and new logo.

Our club is cognizant of the inexorable changes in communications with our families, coaches and players and we are dedicated to being efficient in transmitting our vision as well as events surrounding PPSC through as many channels as possible.  We hired one of the premier web designers and host in our community to help us create a site that will be the portal of all information for us going forward.  We also updated our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and encourage each one of you to follow us for the most recent updates and pictures.  The web address is the same as the former one ( ).  The site includes a new “Shop” link that will be powered by our exclusive merchandise partner, Soccer Locker, that will allow for families to shop items online from team uniforms to merchandise for our parents and fans.  We have placed orders for items containing the new logo that will be available in the very near future.

As per the new logo, it is our pleasure to introduce it now! The refreshed design keeps the integrity of our former crest with its shape,  stripes  and colors while permanently honoring the two state championships that we have won with the two stars on the upper outer edges.  We have other designs in our vault that feature additional stars and hope to roll those out after State Cup this year!  The new split image now captures the landscape of the community that we live and play in and will instantly convey the message that we are from South Florida.  We hope you like it as much as we do.

These are exciting times and we are happy to share them with you.  We will continue to update our site and will keep you informed of all upcoming events.


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